Lipedema is the most common disorder of fat distribution as well as dysfunction of  the adipose tissue, affecting about 12% of women in Europe. In Germany, more than 4 million women suffer from lipedema and in wider Europe about 40 million women. Women affected with lipedema, may develop congestion of the lymphatic fluid in both the interstitial and intracellular spaces. The distribution disorder occurs mainly on the extremities (arms and legs) and the fatty tissue of the subcutaneous tissue and causes a cell dysfunction, which progressively leads to a disproportional body.

The word lipedema (Greek: Λιποιδημα) consists of two elements: lip = fat and edema = swelling.

Many affected women – rarely men are affected – suffer greatly from lipedema disease,  n a both physical and psychological manner.

Lipedema is a disease that cannot be regulated by sports or a change in diet.

In order to alleviate patients’ suffering and ensure a better quality of life, certain scientific approaches should be followed:

  • Early diagnosis – possibly by a specialized team of doctors –
  • Conservative treatment
  • Permanent removal of the pathological fat accumulations


 Such methods, lead to successful and observable results.