The  progress of lipedema may be divided into several stages. However, it should be noted that the disease may develop to each affected individual differently with single symptoms. Internationally, there are several different classifications. In Europe, especially the morphological classification is widespread and accepted. According to this classification, we have main 3 stages.

In addition to the stage classification, which relates to the skin and tissue morphology , there are 4 different types of lipedema, depending on the localization of the affected areas:

  • Type 1: The swelling is mainly found in the area of the so-called riding trousers, on the hips and buttocks.
  • Type 2: The disease affects the whole thighs up to the knees
  • Type 3: Lipoedema affects the whole legs up to the ankles
  • Type 4: The arms are also affected.
  • Type 5: The lower legs and calves are affected