chief surgeon



Dr. Siafliakis  has successfully completed his studies in medicine at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 2009 .  After having  fulfilled his military services, he undertook the medical management of the association “Doctors of the World” in Thessaloniki. In 2011,  he started his surgical residency training in Germany at the Josef University Hospital in Bochum. He has been working in the field of plastic surgery since 2013 – with numerous internships throughout Europe. Ιn 2018, he successfully completed his specialization training at the Center for Plastic Surgery at  Braunschweig Hospital.

Since 2018, as a senior attending doctor of the clinic, he is responsible for complex operational planning and implementation.


Apostolos Siafliakis has been working on the complete functional therapy of lipoedema for several years. Having enriched his surgical portfolio with a considerable number of  cases,  he has been acknowledged as one of the most experienced Surgeons in Europe specialized in Lipedema and Megaliposuction ( Liposuctions with more than 5000ml Fett remove). As a lipedema and body contouring specialist,  Dr Siafliakis provides his patients with purely aesthetic results combined with a functionally lipedema therapy. Aiming to deliver the best outcomes to our patients,  our team has developed a concept with the world’s most modern technology and offers you a complete care for your new life without lipoedema. For treating lipoedema, we use 3D scanners to monitor the development of the disease, as well as a combination of different liposuction techniques, depending on the findings. Among other things, we use techniques such as plasma, needling and radio frequency therapy for tightening skin conditions and all surgical techniques, if surgical tightening is required. Through continuous training and human understanding, we aim to create a pleasant treatment experience  in our premises by combining  new treatment methods in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

At ILSC  we help you to feel confident in your own skin.