what is lipedema

Lipedema is the most common disorder of fat distribution as well as dysfunction of  the adipose tissue, affecting about 12% of women in Europe. In Germany, more than 4 million women suffer from lipoedema and in wider Europe about 40 million women. Women affected with lipedema, may develop congestion of the lymphatic fluid in both the interstitial and intracellular spaces. The distribution disorder occurs mainly on the extremities (arms and legs) and the fatty tissue of the subcutaneous tissue and causes a cell dysfunction, which progressively leads to a disproportional body.

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What are the causes of lipedema

The main cause of the development and severity of lipoedema disease lies on both the genetic predisposition and in hormonal changes (spontaneous or iatrogenic), which may stimulate relapse.

Many patients rightly ask themselves:

  • What is the scope of the change?
  • What happens under my skin?
  • Why do fat distribution and dysfunction appear on my body?
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What are the symptoms of lipedema


Extreme heaviness of the legs or arms


Increased hematoma formation (bruises) without memory of minor trauma or bumping


Pressure and touch sensitivity


Feeling cold in the limbs


Stress pain as well as in later stages also resting pain


Feeling of shame up to depression


The diagnosis of lipoedema is very difficult especially in the early stages. Since symptoms such as pain or tenderness are usually still very low, many patients do not always realise that they suffer from a disease. This occurs, due to patients’ environment that  may often misunderstand the existence of the disease and also because some doctors wrongly advise a weight loss through sports or diet change.

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Treatment of lipedema in ILSC

one of the most Experienced surcical Center in the worLd and the most advanced Technology against Lipedema

At ILSC, experienced specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery at the highest international level will take care of you.  As lipoedema and body contouring specialists, in addition to lipoedema therapy , we offer the option for purely aesthetic results in our clinic.  

The objectives of our treatment are:

  • a significant improvement in subjective symptoms or complete healing of lipedema
  • Secure the nonappearance of a new relapse
  • Body harmonization and aesthetically pleasing results


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Thessaloniki, Greece




Hannover, Germany




Hannover, Germany



what say our patients about the journey in a life without a lipedema through the surgical treatment

Completely satisfied!

I was by Dr. Siafliakis for chin and cheek liposuction. Dr. Siafliakis immediately understood what I wanted. I felt very comfortable during the consultation because he is very sensitive, friendly and committed. His open and friendly manner made me feel like I was in good hands. Even though the operation was only a week ago, I am already very happy with the current result. On the other hand, the medical assistants are just incredibly accommodating.

13.05.2022 Jameda, Germany

A doctor with a heart who knows his speciality in Lipedema 100%.

I can only say THANK YOU! I have never met such a competent and compassionate doctor. After my stage 2 lipoedema diagnosis, it was clear after the very long initial consultation that I would take this trip with Dr. Siafliakis will compete. And I was not disappointed: the results on legs and arms are fantastic. I have my old body back – and only thanks to the expertise of Dr. Siafliakis. I would choose him as my doctor again and again!

23.03.2022 Jameda, Germany

Excellent doctor who knows exactly what he is doing!

I immediately felt comfortable, taken seriously, understood and in good hands. Dr Siafliakis and dr Fleischer  did liposuction on my arms and legs. Then my breast was enlarged with autologous fat. I am infinitely happy and more than satisfied with the results! 100 percent recommendable !!!

09.11.2021 Jameda , Germany

Very competent and 100% trustworthy!

After several initial consultations with different doctors, I found the right doctor for me Mr. Siafliakis. Mr. Siafliakis takes an extraordinary amount of time in clarifying and diagnosis and can be reached at any time if you have any questions. The complete treatment including aftercare was very professional and sensitive. I am absolutely satisfied with the results, because not only I have received a fully treatment of the disease but the aesthetic results are also excellent!

23.09.2021 Jameda, Germany

Competent and sensitive!

After a long ordeal, I finally decided on liposuction. Mr. Siafliakis as the surgeon was absolutely the right choice. You always feel safe and well looked after with him. I had no second thoughts and after 4 operations a great result. I can only give five Stars!

22.09.2021 Jameda, Germany

Competent. Patiently. Recommended!

Dr Siafliakis takes the time a patient needs. He advises in detail and gives you the feeling of being in the best hands. The results of his work are excellent. I am super Happy and cannot imagine a better doctor for me. THANKS!

15.10.2021 Jameda, Germany

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